Hance Residence

During the initial consultation with Dale and Kelly they expressed their concern with the erosion problem along the west side of their house. The access was difficult to maneuver and unmaintainable. Their backyard was over run with sumac and buckthorn and the patio was in obvious need of a replacement. Dale wanted to keep a low budget, but still create a space that was suitable for entertaining friends and family. Living in a rural community Dale and Kelly both love the outdoors, so we tried to create a landscape with the feeling of openness.

A “shove-cut” process was used during the excavation phase to alleviate costs of the hauling excess materials. Then buckthorn and some of the sumac were removed to widen the back yard to accommodate the new patio and wall. The idea of creating a terraced wall that doubled as a sitting area around the fire pit was intriguing to them. A raised fire pit with a terraced wall that had a positive definition of a maintained area transitioning to woods seemed to be the perfect fit for this location.

A minimal number of plants were desired to go along with the “openness feeling,” so distinguishable plants were used to create seasonal interest. Holland stone brick pavers and straight faced modular block were used to coincide with the less is more mentality of the whole project. Drainage and function ability were of the utmost importance so drain tile was used behind the terrace and tied into the downspouts of the house to achieve desired water flow. Modular block steps were installed on the west side to create a better and maintainable access from the front yard to the back. We also added a dry creek bed along side the steps so the water would flow to the bottom of the steps and into the drainage system.